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Client Testimonials

     Since my first Zumba class with Nancy in 2010 at Feminine Fun Fitness, I have been motivated and encouraged to make fitness a part of my daily life.  Nancy is very knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness and readily shares this knowledge and experience with us.  The variety of classes are fun and exciting.  Nancy shows a true interest in each person to ensure that they receive the utmost benefit from each and every class.
Judy Revak 


After battling with my weight on and off for more than a decade I started to see my health deteriorating. A lifetime of bad choices and even worse advice was taking a toll on me. I needed to learn how to be healthy but I was embarrassed and ashamed. A good friend of mine told me about Feminine Fun Fitness and hounded me to go. It took me three months to work up the courage. I'm not sure what was more frightening, the thought of exercising in front of others or in front of the big mirror. It was nothing like I expected. The class was small and had women of different sizes, shapes, ages and fitness levels. I was welcomed with open arms and genuine smiles. Nancy filled the classes with fun and energy. After the first week I decided this was where I wanted to be. I took Nancy up on her offer for extra help and that was where the magic really happened. Not only is she a fantastic instructor but she is super knowledgeable in overall health and nutrition. We took measurements and came up with a plan. I learned how to nurture myself with food, not punish myself. Nancy was very supportive and checked on me often. I became more and more able to look in the mirror and less and at the scale. It didn't take long to see results. The inches were falling off and my friends and family noticed a difference. I can't explain to you all the ways my life is different and how fantastic and caring Feminine Fun Fitness is. You just have to experience it for yourself.​
Jennifer Hahulski

One of the true highlights and blessings of my life has been working out, training with, 
Nancy Pagan at Feminine Fun Fitness

First of all , I want to express my endless gratitude, for showing up in my life, as FFF when I needed a place I felt comfortable enough to regain my heath back, by becoming strong again, body mind and spirit*,  and for becoming one of my closest and treasured friends,and sisters. 
Thru out my life I have joined many gyms, all,  I mainly struggled to get to and had to coax myself getting there.  When I finally got into the rhythm of going, it was great while it lasted, but as gyms go, it never lasted more than two or three months for me,  and what i'd come to learn, for many others as well. 
That's where FEMININE FUN FITNESS is very different! 
I, along with many others, not only found Feminine Fun Fitness, easy  to get to, you "wanted" to go  and work out, you even  look forward to it, actually, plan our life, schedules, and work, around the FFF schedule. 
That is half the battle when it comes to joining a gym, "getting there"...,
We all know how gym memberships work, and how most gyms/studios, actually Bank on you NOT being there. Well not FFF.  When you were a "no show",  FFF called to see why, and encouraged you back each step of the way. 
Working out with Nancy Pagan, is not only Fun, motivating, and energized, its safe and extremely informative, as she makes sure in her classes, you are doing the moves,  correctly and will at some point explain why.  So not only is she certified in Personal training ( along with numerous other certs) she generously shares her knowledge, making your work out something you don't just do,  you DO with an understanding of why, and why the correct way is important for safety and maximum physical benefit.
Nancy doesn't stop there in her caring and sharing, she is always sharing her knowledge of nutrition.    As a  nutrition coach she makes sure you are on track with the foods, nutrients, vitamins , your lifestyle* needs, considering your goals, age, hormones, stresses and or anything you are being challenged by. 
For most of her members, Feminine Fun Fitness, is more than just a great place to get healthy and informed, its also a place real friendships have, and continued to be born.  That in itself, is just another wonderful way of getting healthy and feeling good, a great support system of like minded women, sisters. 

FEMINININE FUN FITNESS .....is more than just a gym/ studio.
It's a philosophy, of coming together as women, to support each other in achieving wellness, by becoming the  best we can be, body mind and soul.....
.......Sincerely, with All of My body, mind and Soul,
  Christine Gambelunghi
( your sister*)


Never before have I been coached by a trainer with such knowledge, skill and dedication as with Nancy Pagan of Feminine Fun Fitness. Together with her ability to focus on your strengths as well as weaknesses I have gone from feeling pain and discomfort to feeling better and stronger than ever. Nancy is far from your average instructor, the realm of her background far exceeds what you would expect from a fitness coach. She works with groups of women that are on all different fitness levels while maintaining a fun and energetic workout. I love Feminine Fun Fitness. 

Forever grateful,
Cathy Verrilli


When I first came, several years ago, under the tutorage of Nancy Pagan, I knew immediately that I had found the gym that I was looking for. From the get go, Nancy became more that just a “physical” trainer. Her support and enthusiasm were the catalyst and the help that I needed to deal with my depression. She truly cared about my mental wellbeing, in addition to my physical wellbeing, both very important to my personal development. Just being around her has motivated me in more ways than she possibly even knows about. There were so many times when I had to literally drag myself to the gym, only to leave there with my spirits uplifted. That was because of her way of making me feel that it was important to HER that I was there. I felt like a part of a family. I am now so very proud to call Nancy Pagan my friend. I am so enthused that Nancy is broadening her horizons to take on the web. I have every intention of following this wonderful, caring woman with her new venture of helping other women worldwide. Way to go, Nancy! Linda Ambrosini ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi Nancy(and Christine). This is Julie Young-- Crystal's mom. I am not good at putting into words how much I appreciate what you have done for Crystal. I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart. She has lost 99 pounds and feels better about herself. She continues to go to the gym that you started and is adapting to the changes. You, Nancy, are the one that created an environment that allowed Crystal to achieved what she has done. Thank you so much. You have set the bar very high for others to achieve. You have touched our lives and helped Crystal to become a beautiful teenager. Thank you. Respectfully, Julie Young ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Just would like to say that your facilities was more then a gym to me. You help me understand my body and nutrition. You work with me and I was able to lose 10lbs. It was a pleasure to come to your facility and workout. I really miss you and FFF. All the best! Debra McZeek ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am 44 years old and I have never been a gym junkie and I'm very resistant to change. I enjoy eating delicious meals, dining out, and I did not have any desire to work out at all. Frankly, I am a personal trainer's worse nightmare. Nancy has helped me to make lifestyle changes that has improved my overall health. She helped me learn how to eat, what to eat, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and nutrition in my daily schedule. For once, someone was finally there to guide me with a struggle that I had always had. Not only was Nancy helping me with my physical health...(I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol)...but with my overall wellness. She is my nutrition coach and she is the one rooting for me when no one thought I could change myself and be committed. I have never met someone who genuinely wanted to help and is always positive about the future. She is a role model, a coach, and a friend that I can always trust. Nancy treats everyone like family and genuinely cares about your overall health. If you have a shoulder problem, knee issue, back issue Nancy not only knows, but cares and gives choices for modifications so that you never need to miss out on a fabulous workout! Her fitness center was a place where I was assured to get a great workout, good nutritional advice, stress relief, and made a loyal friend along the way. I feel stronger and healthier than I've ever felt in my life. She makes me feel each time I speak to her that she has designed a program specifically for me! Nancy's friendly, approachable style is complimented by a strong mind and clear interest in sharing her excitement regarding the most current developments in the field of nutrition. She has a natural ease with others that makes learning interesting and interactive. Nancy's broad range of knowledge in nutrition and health as well as her ability to motivate and inspire learners. Nancy takes complex material and breaks it down so that it can be easily understood and she articulates the information so eloquently and with clarity. Nancy has a superior work ethic, which combined with her integrity and professionalism allow for the very best outcomes for her clients. Her passion and joy for life are evident in the dedication and enthusiasm she brings to her clients. It is this, along with her compassionate heart that make her unique. Nancy has been advising me on nutrition for almost 4 yrs. I am ashamed to say that I only took bits and pieces of her advice over the years, and it is only in the past month that I have followed her nutritional advice and began making changes to my life and my way of eating and exercising. Her ability to focus on my individual needs is fantastic! She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and shares her knowledge with me in a way that is easy to understand. I find Nancy to be compassionate and understanding, and she never judges me. Nancy is top notch! I can't stress enough how much she cares about her clients and how happy I am that she never gave up on me even when I often gave up on myself. Kimio Rivera Cary, NC (formerly of Highland Mills, NY)