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Fitness classes and nutritional coaching:

We offer fitness classes at an affordable rate for everyone, no contracts,  you pay as you go! Your investment in yourself is dictated by the commitment you have to your own health in wellness. You choose how much you want to spend and when! We know that working out just is not enough especially after the age of 40, so all of our members are guided in healthy clean nutrition by providing them with health assessments and  follow up meetings to make sure they are on track with their health and wellness goal.

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching  and Personal Fitness Training Services:

 We offer a wide range of lifestyle fitness coaching and personal training services. Because We believe it’s important for coaching and personal fitness training to be accessible and affordable. We offer day, evening, and weekend appointments to accommodate a variety of schedules. Our rates are discussed after your first free coaching and or fitness training session. With our wonderful support, guidance, motivation, encouragement and mentoring via either through instant messaging, E-mail or telephone sessions, We will coach/train you on how to lead a more healthy, youthful, strong and joyful life. We will help build you up from the inside out! As your personal lifestyle fitness coach and or personal fitness trainer, We will help to support you throughout your journey as we identify your “inner strength ” and build a path to greater fulfillment, physically, mentally and emotionally. Be sure to read what our clients think about working with us!

Online classes:

Don't want to go out, now you can get fit with me in the comfort of your own home ! Contact me for a Skype session!


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Specialty Class Packages:

So what is TRX? I consider balance to be a fundamental aspect of any training program for overall health and fitness. When training on a TRX strap your Core is activated with every move, training your core is different than just training your abdominals. Although the abdominals are an important part of your core musculature, true core training is a more integrated approach; it combines strength, balance, agility, and flexibility of the muscles that control the entire trunk and spine.So if you want to achieve this type of overall functional fitness, one of the best ways is by joining a TRX class today!

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