Feminine Fun Fitness 

About Nancy Pagan - Owner and Founder of Feminine Fun Fitness

Lifestyle Fitness Coach , Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Coach, was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Her desire to serve and help people started in her medical career. She became a medical assistant and soon after learning the operations of a medical practice was offered the promotional opportunity of Office Manager. After 15 years in the medical field, Nancy decided to pursue other fields of interest and explore the world of entrepreneurship. Her interest and creativity led her into interior design and a restaurant partnership; she realized that her heart still wanted to help people value how important health and fitness was to a person’s quality of life. As a single parent of four children she also realized how important it was to have a strong and positive support system in place to help with all the challenges that all women face. With her entrepreneur spirit always in place, she decided to pursue her passion for fitness, wellness and the empowerment of women. Nancy founded Feminine Fun Fitness in 2009 a fitness and wellness center for women only. A place for women to come and train there body’s, mind and lift their spirits. Nancy Pagan is passionate about sharing her know-how and experiences through lifestyle coaching, fitness training, nutrition tips, workshops and sharing great resources available to her. She truly believes in the importance of living a balanced way of life based on principles and values. She uses a holistic approach when coaching others in fitness and wellness.

At Feminine Fun Fitness, Nancy has built a platform to inspire women of all ages to have a vision of health, wellness, vitality, and realization of their dreams. Nancy’s greatest achievements have been in the energy she has been able to stir in other people; the invisible forces they unleashed around themselves that enabled them to touch their own strength.

Her ultimate blessing has been in raising the jewel's of her life, her four loving children, and happily dancing through life alongside her family!